Intuitive Astrology

Personal Intuitive Astrology Session with Abhita Gantinas

Have you ever wondered who’s in charge of your it you or ….?

This session will explore your astrological profile with Abhita’s help and expertise. Find your strengths and how to use your inherent challenges for growth and satisfaction in this life now.

The planets are your team, you need to be consciously their leader. Exploring your birth chart in this way will open new ways of reading your body signals as each planet will find a different way to show you through these signals, when they are working for you and when something needs to be changed.

You will experience the energies of the planets, using form and painting to access material communication. Observe and understand body signals as the planets make themselves known as an energy source. Allow this information to help with blockages and challenges.

Understand  your path to happiness with your loved ones. Sort out miscommunications and misunderstandings. Find the best career for your innate talents and when to make your moves for advancements.  Learn to listen to your heart’s desires and follow your intuition as and when it happens.

Understand how to live your own truth gracefully and peacefully within your relationship parameters.  Learn of your own inner wisdom and guidance and how to avoid the pitfalls which seem to come your way.

Learn to laugh and have fun again, and which is the best relaxation for you.  Learn to dance with your fears and discover you unique path to courage and accomplishment.

Let this information help you move forward with anticipation and joy.

Abhita has long years and life experiences to call on in this realm and many others.  An adept through countless lives.  Clairaudient, clairvoyant and sensitive to any energies that may be helpful and encouraging to the seeker.


  • Birth details are required before the session.
  • Usually more than one session is required due to the detailed nature of the work.


  • 2 hours Personal Astrology Session … $85