Aromatherapy has been around since time began. We now know that it works through many pathways of the human body. The aromas travel along neural pathways from the nasal cavity to the limbic brain. This part of the brain holds all our ancient genetic information which is why some smells will take us back in time, remind us of someone, feel nostalgic or comfortable without our really knowing why.

These aromas can be really healing as they will bring up hidden fears, etc. and help us to face them and get rid of them without having to go deeply into what the source of the problem was.

The aromatherapy massage treatment is a relaxing and nourishing treatment for the whole body, internally as well as externally. Specific oils are blended and used after consultation as to the client’s state of being at that time.

These oils are then massaged gently and firmly with special movements over the organs where they are needed most. The oils are absorbed by the body down through the hair follicles and will continue to do their specific work for up to a week.

This gentle treatment will drain the lymph, soothe sore areas, improve circulation and digestion, help relieve stress and insomnia and generally give a feeling of well-being.


  • 60 Minutes Aromatherapy … $60