Urine Biochemistry

Urine BiochemistryUrine biochemistry is an analysis of a first morning urine sample which can tell us how the body’s organs and systems are working. We can also determine inherited weaknesses and strengths to find which foods and minerals are most easily absorbed by that particular body for maximum health.

The urine test involves a first morning urine sample which is put into 6 test tubes each with different reagents.  The reactions before and after heating are noted. Each tube will represent different body systems.  Those most targeted are the pancreas, kidneys, bowels and mucous linings, gall bladder, liver, heart and circulation, reproductive and immune systems.

The information from the test shows where any degeneration is taking place, whether the systems are reflexing negatively with each other and why this may be happening.  Absorption and utilisation of food is discussed in detail and individual suggestions offered for re-balancing and regenerating the whole system.

Requirements:  Please bring first morning urine sample at least 200mls collected on day of session.  Do not refrigerate.


  • 90 Minutes Urine Biochemistry … $75

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