Osho Zenzing Meditation Centre

SwanOsho Zenzing Meditation Centre exists to offer illumination through meditation as encouraged by Osho an enlightened mystic of our times.

Osho, understanding that the western mind is not naturally trained in stillness, gave us active meditations to promote letting go through movement and music and finally, silence.

The extraordinary creativity of the friends and followers of Osho’s wisdom has given us the lovely music to enhance the active meditations and lead us into the stillness which is ever waiting for us within.

Our Centre is situated in Bonville, near Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Australia.

Information on the Osho International Meditation Resort  in Pune, India, and all the wonderful opportunities for wisdom and light which it offers,  is available  from our centre, together with regular opportunities to experience some of the meditations and other esoteric sessions and workshops.

The centre is facilitated by Ma Prem Abhita and Sw Anand Iskaan who have lived, meditated and worked at  the Resort in Pune over many years.

Osho spoke and answered many questions with wisdom, grace  and humour, which have been amalgamated into countless books, cds and videos. Excerpts of which will be available on this page and updated regularly with references to enable purchase in Australia and around the world, as they have been translated into many languages.

The music and instructions for the meditations may also be purchased online.