Soul Patterns

Personal Session with Abhita

Soul Patterns is concerned with finding our own way of being and thinking and feeling, in this body, in this world – NOW.

We spend many lifetimes operating through our inherited bloodlines, a victim to the strengths, weaknesses and conditioned behaviours of those who came before us.
It is time now to take our spirit into our own keeping and step beyond our bloodlines and so move beyond karma.
This also means that we may have to let go of any habits or people who do not fit or cannot cope with, our new way of being.
Through many evolutions we have suffered the result of others’ karma and taken it on willingly, now it is time to release this habit and do it for ourselves.
When we can be strong enough to allow the light to shine upon our own soul’s patterns, then we can begin to access our own unique way of being here now.
Meditation is the way to our centre, meditations will bring us to our own truth.  Meditation will bring us the opportunity to live lives of love and fulfilment in every possible way.

In this personal session, Bach Flower Remedies are always offered as a tool for clearing the ground and then we may use planets, energy adjustment, Reiki, toning and other vibrational instruments.  Esogetic oils, aromas and touch, postural adjustments, bells and gongs, painting and writing, ear candles and always, always, love.


  • 90 Minutes Soul Patterns … $75